Working-class wonk and proud of it. Yah got a problem with that?

Before I got into financial difficulties a year ago and was forced offline, I wrote several blogs, including: Omnium; Ethel, the Early-Warning Frog; and Litblogs – a blog devoted to reviewing literary blogs and blogs that featured just plain good writing. I also wrote the breakthrough blog, Dispatch from the Trenches, later moved and renamed The Revolution (no longer available), which was one of the first single-issue blogs and one of the earliest to cover working-class issues exclusively. Somewhat later, I started the first (to my knowledge) blogzine, BlogTower (also no longer available).

You might say I was, for a short time, a legend in my own mind.

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  1. hey,

    i am a revolutionary socialist, activist, and photographer who has worked in n.o. and am disgusted by more things than i would care to go into right now. currently i am trying to figure out a way to use my art as activism to bring about some kind of change in n.o. i am very disheartened by the lack of knowledge in the general populace about what happened and what is still happening, the media coverage of katrina was disgusting and the lack of coverage since is almost (but not quite) moreso. i would appreciate it a lot if you could give me some feedback (and also, if you ever want to talk working-class politics i’m totally down!) my blog is:



  2. Dear Dispatch,

    Would you please consider signing the Petition for an Annual Commemorative National Miner’s Day for the United States of America?


    And, could you please forward this message to others whom you believe will be interested?



  3. This is a great blog. Keep up the good work. We just posted a post-labor day tribute video of workers performing amazing feats in high places! Thought you and your readers might be interested: http://www.cavelightfilms.com/blog/

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