Gardasil Update

Someone responded by email to the Jack’s email on the Gardasil story. PeterT wants to point out that vaccinations in general are far more dangerous than we think and that no long term studies have been done on the Gardasil vaccination despite the fact that there’s at least one case of Gardasil (made by – who else – the infamous Merck) having caused partial paralysis in a patient.

When it comes to vaccines, it’s important to note also that skewed science and even malevolence are not limited to this one.
To the contrary, then: This is not best “saved” (although we’re getting plenty of rain), but given reading priority. Otherwise, a “rainy day” of a different kind may be in store for someone’s daughter (and they’ve even tried to push this on boys). It might be wise to get on the horse and protect our kids (and everyone) from the PetroPharma cartel–which, often enough, has demonstrated little interest in health, but much in profits. This mindset has much to do with having instilled the public notion that vaccines are the best way to prevent illness, or to “keep you healthy,” which, unbiased history and even science show, couldn’t be further from the truth.
Maurice Hilleman, at one time the world’s foremost vaccine expert and one of Merck’s (maker of Gardasil) most famous and prolific vaccine researchers and inventors (now deceased) said, “I think that vaccines have to be considered the bargain basement technology for the 20th century.”

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  1. Vaccine probably has been the most important invention this last century. The one that has single handedly helped to restore disease afflicted children their childhood.

  2. I don’t think anyone is saying they aren’t. What they’re saying is that too many Big Pharma Corps put $$$ ahead of safety and as a result vaccines are now a lot more dangerous than people have thought they were and more dangerous than they were in the past. And theyn were dangerous then, it’s just that we thought – rightly – the risk was worth the protection they afforded.

    But Gardasil may be vaccinating girls against an imaginary danger, all for the sake of profit, despite clearly identified and very serious risks. That’s a different thing altogether.

  3. My two cents for what it is worth. My daughter was injured by a vaccination. Ask Mick…he knew me and we were good friends before the “possesion” took my daughter and almost EVERYTHING from us…. When it happened 14 years ago, it was presented to me by the medical experts that it was the “one in a million” shot – that is just the risk necessary to keep our society humming along in a healthy (work work work) society. However, after having lived it and experiencing the negative effects of this “reaction” not only physically for my daughter, but dynamicly…(family DYNAMICS) from the changes in life it brought about to my wife, my other two children, my parents all the friends I lost ect ect ect…I have concluded that NO PHYSICIAN, nor GOVERNMENT, nor school authority No.1.. has the right to tell us what we MUST put in our bodies nor what we should… and No. 2 Any physician who recomends vaccination with even the remote possibility of it causing harm… is a hypocrite (excuse my spelling) they should soon enough tell blind people to cross a highway by saying there is a small chance you MIGHT get run over… or tell us to jump out of a plane without a parachute…..
    Lets think about this people… 68 MANDATORY vaccinations as a child… yet Autism has gone from 1 in 15,000 to 1 in 150… GEE!!!! must be another co incidence….
    For the elimination of dis-ease like …….. (can’t think of one so lets just theorise about Polio)
    No credit is given to the improvemnt of hygene nor, better nutrition nor the funny coincidences of the late great polio outbreak during the 1950’s when tonsilectomies were status quo and it is found that the tonsills play an important role in the bodies defence against Paralitic Polio… ALL ALL ALL credit is givin to the VACCINATION…
    (an observation) I have two incredibly healthy smart vibrant grandchildren who have had NO…I repeat NO vaccinations…. they should be rolling in dis-ease acording to the fear monger hypocritaical physicians and drug companies . Yet if they are incredibly healthy and if they get a cold it last for an incedibly SHORT period of time and they MOST incredible thing is that it seems they are AWAKE, and can THINK!!!!!…
    OK….. 68 vaccinations…. requiring a Doctors visit every time at intervals of (a guess) 3-6 months.. .insurance to the doctor…$$$$$$
    co pay….$$$$$$$
    charge for the vaccination times 68….. $$$$$$$$$$$$$
    take all this away and how many visits to the doctor do we get?????? not many …. watch the bottom line dwindle….
    So I am angry!! and bitter!!! and do not believe a damn thing any doctor tells me because I, and those around me have lived the horror.
    As my good friend Peter of www,
    continualy quotes
    “Of what interest is widespread wellness to an industry whose financial health depends upon widespread illness?”
    think about it!!!
    Like most things… its about the buck….
    Oh and another thing to think about… a vaccination on the day of birth for a dis-ease that is caught by being sexualy active or an IV drug user???
    could this happen….???? YUP!!!

  4. Gardasil -update March 26,2009
    Boric acid appears to be a carcinogenic and mutagenic agent. Please review a research study
    from S. Qureshi ” Boric acid enhances in vivo Ehrlich
    ascites carcinoma cell proliferation in Swiss albino
    mice.” Treatment with boric acid “showed fast growth
    (tumor), several mitotic figures and mixed inflammatory reaction”.The study reports on “mutation promoting activity clearly delineate the reactive nature of boric acid”. Polysorbate 80 also enhances the cytotoxic effects of boric acid. DANGER/CAUTION. INV.

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