Feature Launch: TrenchNews

With the passing of Jordan Barab’s Confined Space and Nathan Newman’s Labor Blog, it falls to the rest of us to try to pick up pieces of his work and keep it going. The most natural piece for me to concentrate on is covering organized labor. In my surfing, I almost always come across way more labor-related stories than I have time to write about. I hate to just let them go by since hardly anyone else is talking about them.

So, with that in mind, today I’m launching a new Trenches feature called TrenchNews. Once a week, I’ll try to do a round-up of some of the news stories on unions and labor issues that the MSM either buries in the Business pages or doesn’t cover at all. Taking a leaf from The Carpetbagger Report, TrenchNews will be a collection of links with brief summaries and/or quotes attached to stories I think need to be up and around more than they are. Sometimes I’ll follow up one of these stories with a detailed post; most of the time I won’t. But at least you’ll have heard a little of what the media isn’t telling you.

Now, without further ado: Continue reading


Bush’s “Health Care Reform” 2: Selling the Scam

In the previous post, I said Bush’s pro-corporate proposal to address the health care problem through tax policy was liable to turn out to be the only initiative in the SOTU that he actually cared about and might try to implement. So far, I seem to be batting a thousand. He hasn’t mentioned the ethanol/alternative fuels thing, and even in the White House nobody knows what “Civilian Reserve Corps” means, let alone how it would be set up, who would be in it, or what it would do. But less than 48 hours after the speech ended, he was already out on the hustings hustling his health care “reform” package. Continue reading