How Come Only Unions Are Considered Dumb?

by John McKay

Strike Cuts Kroger Profit

The company estimated that the labor dispute, which also affected its rivals Safeway Inc. and Albertsons Inc., cut the latest earnings by $71.6 million, or 10 cents per share.

Kroger masquerades as Ralphs here in SoCal, and they had it easiest in the strike. The union pulled the pickets off Ralphs. I still refused to shop there, but I imagine most people didn’t. I don’t know how much the companies lost total on the strike, but it’s got to be a mighty nice chunk of change.

Did the workers lose also. It sure looks that way to me, and I know it looks that way to them. I don’t ordinarily talk much to people I don’t know, but when the local Vons workers came back I made a special effort to let them know I’d supported them and I felt bad about how it’d turned out. From what they said, I’ve no doubt they feel like they lost. I hope they feel no shame in that. They were outgunned from the gate, as always.

All my life I’ve been hearing what dumbasses unions and their members are because they always lose money in a strike. Even used to hear it from my dear old Grandad. Even gramps couldn’t be right all the time. However, except among union supporters, I never hear anyone saying what dumbasses the companies are for allowing the strikes to take place. They lose a hell of a lot too.

It’s not as though workers are eager to go out, especially these days. How long could you last on half pay or less? How long can the chronically ill go without health insurance? Strikes scare workers to death.

Yet, as always, people seem to think it’s perfectly OK to judge their fellow workers, the people of their own class, more harshly than they judge the slimeball elites. Go figger.


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